About the Chancellor Minor Office

What is the Office of the Chancellor Minor? 

In short, it is the office in charge of helping children and families enjoy activities and events within the SCA.

According to East Kingdom Law:

11. The Kingdom Chancellor Minor:
a. Assists parents of children in integrating children’s activities into local and Kingdom events.
The Kingdom Chancellor Minor will not be responsible for, nor in any way encourage autocrats
or the Society to provide, baby-sitting services.
b. Prepares, maintains, and disseminates such materials as further the objectives of the Office.
c. Works with the Kingdom Chatelaine in accomplishing these goals.
d. Encourages youth in the culture and customs of the Society.
e. Works with the Kingdom Youth Earl Marshal and the Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal to
coordinate youth martial activities.

It is More…

More than just what is written above, the Office of the Chancellor Minor exists to integrate families and children into the events and activities of the East Kingdom in a meaningful way. The SCA is a family-friendly and family inclusive organization, and it is the job of this office to help facilitate that. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about how we can better serve the citizens of the East, please use the contact button on the Staff page to let us know.