Policies of the Office of the Chancellor Minor of the East Kingdom

Policies of the Office of the Chancellor Minor of the East Kingdom
June 2016

All modern laws and society policies supercede kingdom policies if a conflict exists.
Society Policies are located in Section X of the Kingdom Seneschal’s Handbook.

1. Kingdom Policies Pertaining to Children at SCA Sanctioned Events, Practices, and Activities

2. Parents/guardians remain responsible for their children at all times while at SCA functions.

3. Parents must not expect other adults to supervise, monitor, or otherwise control children who are wandering unaccompanied at events. Parents/guardians may arrange for a responsible adult or older teen to supervise young children when necessary.

4. Youth officers acting in their official capacity are not to be considered the sole supervision for children who require direct supervision as defined in this document.

5. All children under the age of five should be supervised at all times by their parents/guardians or a responsible adult or older teen designated by the parents/guardians.

6. Youth between the age of 5 and 12 should not be allowed to wander freely without some level of supervision. They must be within sight and sound range of their parent/guardian/responsible adult/teen supervisor at all times. Walkie-talkies and cell phones do not extend the sight/sound range.

7. Inappropriate behavior of any sort by a minor will be dealt with in the manner deemed most appropriate in accordance with modern, corporate or kingdom law as applicable.

Kingdom Policies Pertaining to SCA-Sponsored Youth Activities

Activities Held at Official SCA-Sponsored Events
In the Kingdom of the East official SCA groups are encouraged to offer organized youth and family activities as a positive outlet for children to participate and become actively involved in the SCA. However,these activities CANNOT be construed or advertised as babysitting for members of the populace, and the following guidelines shall apply:

1. As of 15 February, 2008, Society policy has implemented a background check policy for all persons in leadership and supervisory roles that may require contact with otherwise unchaperoned minors. Officials who are required to have background checks include, but are not limited to, youth activities officers at all levels, adults acting as youth marshals for any martial activity, persons organizing/in charge of youth activities for events.

2. SCA groups shall ensure that all SCA Youth and/or Family activities in the Kingdom of the East are approved by the Local Group Seneschal, and the group’s Chancellor Minor (or the regional Chancellor Minor, if there is no designated local Chancellor Minor). {If no Regional Chancellor Minor is available, approval may come directly from the Kingdom Chancellor Minor}

SCA Chancellors Minor, Youth Marshals, and the adults supervising youth activities shall have no authority to restrain children other than their own, unless the child is in immediate danger of hurting themselves or others. Therefore, these officers and any other adults assisting them may not be held responsible for the whereabouts of children, or for correcting their conduct. Should a child be acting in a manner that is potentially harmful, the Chancellor Minor has the right to request that a parent or guardian remove the child from the activity.

3. Participation in youth activities is based on the cooperative relationship between the activity coordinator, the participating youth, and that youth’s parent or legal guardian. Participation is not a right but a privilege that is extended and must be respected by all parties.

4. At all times it is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian of a minor to determine the safety, suitability, and appropriateness of an activity to their dependent minor.

5. Any child disrupting youth activities will be asked to locate their supervising adult and leave the activity.

6. Inappropriate behavior of any sort by any party involved in youth activities will be dealt with in the manner deemed most appropriate in accordance with modern, corporate or kingdom law as applicable.

7. As per Society policy, official SCA groups shall ensure that all SCA youth activities (1) in the Kingdom of the East are administered with a “Two Deep Leadership” model. This means that:

i. Youth activities may only take place when a minimum of two unrelated adults are present, one of whom must be a background checked, warranted youth officer, and at least two adults must be in attendance at all times for the duration of the activity.

ii. Chancellors Minor are responsible for ensuring that sufficient leadership is provided for all activities, and have the right and responsibility to cancel activities when the necessary two adults are not available.

SCA-Sponsored Youth Activities Held Away from Events
(These policies apply to all activities planned for youth, whether they fall under combat, the chancellor minor, or another office)

When a youth meeting is announced and held at an officially sanctioned SCA event or fighter practice, it is covered by SCA waivers, and subject to all Kingdom and Society laws. (2) Any activity listed as unofficial is not covered or sanctioned by these policies. Unofficial youth -specific activities are very, very strongly discouraged within the East Kingdom.

Meetings/activities in a private home are discouraged and will only be considered “official” if they have been appropriately published and approved by the the group seneschal as well as the Kingdom Chancellor Minor. Unofficial gatherings and classes are not covered under SCA policy. Under no circumstance should any unofficial activities be held under the auspices of the Chancellor Minor.

When “official” events with youth-specific activities are held in private homes or settings, all youth policies are in effect.

In ALL cases, the two unrelated adult leadership model is to be strictly enforced, and two adults must be in attendance as long as children are present.


(1)Youth-Specific Activity – Any activity expressly designated for minors, with the intent of limiting participation to minors, either as part of an Event or as a regular recurring practice. Multi-age activities that are labeled “Youth Friendly”, “Child Appropriate” or “Child Friendly” but which are open to all ages ANDinvolve participation of three (3) or more adults, is not considered a Youth Specific Activity.

b. Minor waivers need not be executed at fighter practices, but a parent or legal guardian must be present at all times. A minor waiver must be signed if the minor is participating in fighting activities. Fighting activities include armored combat (heavy weapons), fencing, combat archery, marshalling, scouting, youth combat, or banner bearing in combat. In this case, parents should be carefully informed of what is going on. Corpora (Rules of the Lists) requires that parents “witness the activity, discuss it with a witnessing marshal, and execute a waiver for the minor.” Witnessing marshals must be explicitly authorized to perform this function by the Kingdom Earl Marshal.