Greetings Unto the Glorious Kingdom of the East!

On May 1st, we will be launching the Consort’s Youth Quest right here on this site. This Quest will include series of challenges that will culminate in youth who complete at least one challenge a month for the months of May, June, and July being named to the Consort’s Youth Guard this summer.


To make this challenge a success, we will need your help! We are currently in the process of collecting challenges for youth to complete as they embark upon this quest.  These quests should be Youth appropriate and can take any form and can include the martial arts, arts and sciences, service, and courtesy.  We would love for each Province, Barony, Shire, Canton, and Riding to help in making this a success.  All Challenges should be submitted by Sunday, April 25 at midnight.


We are also soliciting volunteers to make the cloaks for all of the members of the Consort’s Youth Guard.  Directions for cloak constructions can be found at the link below.  Please contact for materials. 

 >> Youth Champion Cloak Instructions Click Here <<


Please send all questions to


Thank you so much for whatever help your branch can give in helping us make the Consort’s Youth Challenge a Success.  We greatly appreciate it.


Hugoline the Delicate of House Three Skulls
East Kingdom Chancellor of Minors