What Can My Kids do in the SCA?

Families encountering the SCA for the first time often as this question, especially those parents with specialized interests that are catered to in our historical group. “I can fence/fight/learn to blacksmith/illuminate/etc, but what can my kids do?”

The answer is: Practically everything. Except for those activities that are limited for safety or legal reasons, such as heavy combat or fencing with adults and brewing, most activities in the SCA are family friendly and enjoyable for a variety of ages.

Many events include youth specific activities run by Chancellor Minors or Youth Officers at Large.  These include but are not limited to games, A&S classes, and activities.  Many also integrate Youth Combat supervised by specially trained and warranted youth marshals.

In addition to the youth specific activities kids can get involved in service, helping heralds, masters of lists, retaining for nobles, and more all with parental supervision.